VIDEO: Triumph Tappet Block Removal & Install Tool How-To

In this quick video learn how to use the tappet block drift tool (Triumph OEM # 61-6008) to remove and install tappet blocks in your pre-unit or unit Triumph motorcycle cylinder barrel. 

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hey guys. Todd from Lowbrow Customs here again. Today we're going to show you one of our new tools for working on Triumph engines. Tappet block removal tool. Made in the USA. Pretty simple tool to use. You want to remove these tappet blocks out of your cylinder. The late ones do have an O-ring on there that will need replaced when rebuilding your engine.

Go ahead and remove the odd fastener in the threaded hole right there that locates the tappet block. Tappet's out. Go ahead and do the other side because we are going to take both of them out. Very simple and easy tool to use. It's got two little nubs on it that locate in the holes where other tappets were removed. It's got a slice on it that fits in the slot on the tappet. Even though I have done this of numerous, numerous times, you saw it to be a little careful because these are kind of fragile. It's not very much metal there. This tool aids in removing. You're just going to insert it into the tappet block. And viola. Tappet block removed.

Okay. Once you've got your cylinder sent out to the machine shop. They board it out for the oversize pistons and rings and all that kind of good stuff. You've washed the living heck out of it to get the machine shop stuff off it. You give it a nice fresh coat of paint. Then you can use this tool to reinstall your tappet blocks. Now, one thing is very important when reinstalling.

If you'll notice, there's a nub on there or a little indentation. That indentation must be lined up with that threaded hole. Because when you thread this little odd fastener in there, it must locate that. If you do not have this installed perfectly lined up with that, this will get to there and not go all the way in. If you fail and don't line it up, drive it back out and try again. So basically, this is kind of I eyeball it.

I put the start to tappet block in there and I get that lined up like so. Got that divot lined up with the hole. And then you're going to use the same tool on the other end of the tappet block. [hammering noise] And there we have it. Reinstalled. The holes lined up. The screw should go in all the way to the bottom. Pretty simple operation. Like I said, be careful, don't beat the hell out of it. When they're old, they can be fragile. Holes lined up. You're just going to go ahead and do your other side. You're done. This tool, many other tools are available at If you liked this video, click the subscribe button, check out all our YouTube videos. Thanks for watching, guys. Peace out.

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  • walter marshall October 25, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Very good videos there Todd. I have watched most of your vids. You are a natural. Keep up the good works man.

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