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What's The Best Harley?

We often get asked "What's the best Harley", as if there was a simple answer to that question. If you're looking to start a never-ending conversation with a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts, simply ask them what their favorite Harley Davidson motorcycle is. Throughout their 100+ year history, Harley has made so many sweet bikes that everybody has their own answer.Yes, we know, in theory all Harley's are equally cool and awesome. They're Harley Davidson motorcycles for crying out loud. But, over the years, Harley has made some bikes that really stick out. So, what's the best way to answer the question? Don't try and pick a specific model or year, simply pick a broad all encompassing model and that way you'll win every "best Harley" argument you ever get into! Here is a list of the top three coolest Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

3. Panhead


1948 was the first year for Panheads, making 1948 Panheads highly sought after by collectors. The Panhead got its nickname from the shape of its rocker covers, which resemble frying pans. Over the years, Harley has remained true to the Panhead design, making it especially easy to spot a Panhead engine just by taking a quick look at the motor.

The Panhead engine was forever immortalized by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in the chopper classic film Easy Rider, which undoubtedly has helped make this engine beloved by Harley enthusiasts across the globe. Harley no longer manufacturers a Panhead engine, but there are quite a few third party engine manufacturers who build custom Panhead influenced engines for a variety of bikes. Below check out Peter Fonda riding a replica of the Captain America Chopper he rode in Easy Rider.


2. EL


In 1936, Harley introduced the Knucklehead V-Twin. It was the first Harley engine to feature over-head valves and a 61 cubic inch displacement. What is important to remember about the EL was not just its impact on the Harley Davidson line but on all motorcycles. The entire motorcycle industry was shaken by the innovative design of the V-Twin.

The bike also boasted a new recirculating oiling system that got rid of the infamous "total loss" setup. The fuel tanks were also welded and looked a lot cooler than ever before. Harley still sold flathead V-Twins for years after the release of the EL, but the EL went on to become one of the most sought after Harley models of all time. Today, collectors are particularly fond of the late 30s model Els, which cost a pretty penny to get your hands on.

1. XL


Is there a more versatile motorcycle in the Harley Davidson line than the Sportster XL ? The reason we love these bikes so much is that they really lend themselves to chopping up and making them your own. Browse our selection of custom Sportster parts if you don’t believe us. You can opt for the 1200cc version right off the line, or you can buy an 833 and use our conversion kit to your own custom 1200cc Sportster, usually for less than the cost of the new 1200cc!

Another thing that is great about the Sportster is that they are great for beginners, but they can be setup to present a challenge for bikers of any skill level. If you don't believe us, you've clearly never ridden a hard tail Sporty...but once you have you will be likely telling your chiropractor all about it.


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