Lowbrow Learnins: Harley Sportster Oil Change DIY How-To

Art & Tech Tip by Cycle Monster

4 Quarts of PanAm oil (check manual for actual quantity)
2 Drip Pans
1 Screwdriver
1 Filter wrench (optional)
* Don't forget shop rags! *
1. Remove the oil tank cap on your oil tank. This will allow air to pass through so that all the oil drains out. This will also avoid possible vacuum lock when draining your oil.
2. Locate your drain hose, it's just behind the kick stand bumper. Remove hose clamp on drain hose. Pull hose off stud and drain into pan.
3. Place a second pan under the oil filter, unscrew filter using a filter wrench, channel locks or stab it with a screwdriver. Once it's off, wipe the gasket mount surface clean.
4. Reattach the drain hose to the stud. Tighten the hose clamp snug. Smear some oil over the new gasket surface. Pre-load filter with 4-5 oz of new oil before install. Hand tighten the filter snug. Do not use any wrenches.
5. Fill tank with 2 quarts of oil. Put bike on kick stand and run the bike for 20 seconds. Check dip stick to see if you need to add more. If more is needed, add 1/2 quart and run it. Check it each time to make sure you're good.

3 thoughts on “Lowbrow Learnins: Harley Sportster Oil Change DIY How-To”

  • I love it! Please tell Todd to do one for Dyna's please. Ever mix up the oil drain and the trans drain on a Dyna.... Ok, so I ain't the brightest light bulb on the block.... Hey, I did say please....

  • How about one for rigid frame sporty w/ pill style oil tank, maybe talk about correct oil level with no dipstick?
    Maybe how to flush the dirty oil that stays in the case out??

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