Lowbrow Learnins: How-To DIY Install Shotgun Exhaust Pipes 1990-2003 Harley Sportster

Art & Tech Tip by Cycle Monster

Using a deep socket and long extension, remove the exhaust flange nuts on both sides. Make sure to set these nuts aside. Remove the mount hardware at the mufflers. Remove the complete exhaust system. Remove the flange snap ring with special pliers - OR - use a pick to roll the ring over the exhaust edge.
*Check your exhaust gaskets in your head. If they need to be replaced, do it now. Press them evenly!
~ Grab your new Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Exhaust Pipes ~
Load your new header like this. Exhaust flange first with the snap ring groove facing engine. Roll on the snap ring.
Place one end of the snap ring under the lip of the header. Press down as you rotate around the ring until it snaps over.
-Exhaust Support Bracket-
Locate top two motor mount bolts.
Locate top two motor mount nuts.
*Safety First*
Disconnect the battery before you wrench on these bolts. The nuts are very close to live battery cables.
-Top View
An air rachet works wonders here. Next best would be a rachet box end wrench. Remove these bolts, install the new exhaust support bracket and tighten it back up. Make sure to torque to factory spec.
Pro Tip:
Use a shallow socket with a long extension when starting the exhaust flange nuts. Pop the nut into the socket and hand start the nut onto the stud. Then switch to a deep socket and tighten them up snug. Attach the exhaust support bracket hardware. Use a screwdriver, pick or a thin open-end wrench to hold the nut in place as you thread the bolt from the backside.
-Once you're finished, make sure to tighten everything evenly. Clean all finger prints off before first start. Your carb will need to be adjusted after installing straight pipes.
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