Lowbrow Learnins: How-To DIY Install Shotgun Exhaust Pipes 2004 & up Harley Sportster

Art & Tech Tip by Cycle Monster

Rear O2 clip is under side cover. Just pull cover off, no tools.
Disconnect the O2 sensors from each pipe in the areas detailed above. A simple deutsch style connector easily disconnects by pressing up on tab and pulling apart.
-> Unscrew chrome shied hardware (A+B) remove shields
-> Remove muffler mount hardware (C+D)
-> Remove header hardware (E+F)
-> Remove both exhaust pipes
-Remove the sprocket cover by removing three bolts.
-You must remove the rear brake linkage to remove the original exhaust bracket. Remove bolt and let the linkage swing down.
- Remove the three bolts holding on the original exhaust mount bracket. Yank off the old heavy bracket and give it a toss!
- Reconnect the rear brake linkage. Reapply Loctite to the threads and torque to factory spec.
-Reinstall the sprocket cover using these two bolts. Torque to spec.
- Using the original bolt, install the new exhaust mount bracket. Don't fully tighten at this time.
Exhaust Flanges & Snap Rings
-Grind a groove on each side of flat needle nose pliers
-Place your pipe in a vice. Make sure to protect the finish with towels. Spread the pliers open to expand the snap ring.
-Load your new Lowbrow Customs Shotgun Exhaust Pipes in this order
-Make sure to install your old O2 sensors to your new exhaust at this time.
Fish the O2 sensors back through to the other side
Attach the rear pipe first. Thread on the two header nuts finger tight, then do the same with the front pipe.
Then you can install the hardware to mount the exhaust to the support bracket. Use a pick to hold the nut in place as you thread these on finger tight.
Check that everything is straight & tighten it all up!
Plug in both O2 sensors!
Remap your ECM!
Run a hi-flow air cleaner!
Clean chrome before first start!
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