Lowbrow Spotlight: Brendan Mier's 1949 Harley-Davidson FL Panhead

Owner:  Brendan Mier
Year/Make/Model:  1949 Harley Davidson FL
Fabrication:  None
Build Time:  2 Years

Year/Type/Size: 1949 Panhead, 74 cubic inch
Carburetor: Linkert M45
Exhaust: OEM
Air Cleaner: OEM J Slot

Year/Type: OEM 1949 Rigid Wishbone
Rake/Stretch:  OEM

Front End
Type / Brand:  OEM 1949 Hydraglide Drum Brake

Front Size: OEM 16 inch Star Hub
Rear Size: OEM 16 inch Star Hub

Paint by: Paint by John Incaudo of Incaudo’s Antique Cycle in Palatine IL

This bike is completely stock with all Oem parts. I acquired the bike from a good friend of mine in 1989 who found it in Oklahoma on a Walneck’s Cycle Trader ad. The bike was in need of a restoration so I immediately disassembled it and began a couple year restoration project, driving all over the country to all the AMCA meets looking for parts to make the bike correct. This was in a time when Ebay was non-existent and swap meets were where you went for all your parts - meeting great people and getting help from so many friends along the way. I ended up finishing the bike and made the rounds having it judged on the AMCA circuit and fixed all the non-correct hardware, along with a few arguable things till it was perfect. The bike was originally peacock blue and at one point was painted black for a short time.  The bike is has since been painted Metallic Congo green, a 1949 color after finding a good unopened can of original paint.  Next year will mark 30 years that I have owned it.

Words by: Brendan Mier • Photos by: Ken Carvajal

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