VIDEO: Gasbox Dog Dish Air Cleaner, CV Support Bracket & Lowbrow Breather Bolt Install

Watch as Jesse Bassett, the proprietor and talent behind The Gasbox in Cleveland, Ohio shows you how easy it is to install a Gasbox Dog Dish Air Cleaner, Gasbox CV Carburetor Support Bracket and Lowbrow Customs Radius Evo Breather Bolts. This quick project takes minimal time and can be completed with basic tools in your home garage in less than an hour.

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

We have a 2015 Harley Sportster Forty-Eight and we're going to install a Gasbox Dog Dish Air Cleaner and CV Carburetor Support Bracket and Lowbrow Customs Breather Bolts. First, we're going to remove the stock air cleaner and you're going to need a 3/16” allen socket.

To remove the air filter element, you're going to need a T27 Torx socket. To remove the stock breather bolts and backing plate, you'll need a 14 millimeter deep sockets.

The fuel-injected '06 and later Sportsters come with a carb sport rack or a throttle body support bracket already, so you won't need one of those.

First, you want to install the breather bolts, the lowbrow breather bolts need a quarter inch allen socket to install. These take a mesh filter element that just pushes in and is held in place with the snap ring. You'll need a set of snap ring pliers, small tipped, obviously. You also need to remove the upper mounting screw for the throttle body support bracket, there is a clearance tissue to the back of the air cleaner.

We want to use one of the Phillips screws provided. You can also reuse the gasket from your stock air cleaner or you can get a new gasket. Depending on the year of the bike, the stock gasket is probably in good enough shape.

You also want to use blue Loctite on all of this hardware.

The air cleaner comes with a nice mesh element, mounting screw and a fiber washer underneath the mounting screw.

There you go, ready for bike night.

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