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VIDEO: Gasbox Dog Dish Air Cleaner Product Overview

In this video we show an overview of the Gasbox Dog Dish air cleaner, motorcycle carburetor support brackets (which are available for many Harley-Davidson model and carburetor combinations), and Lowbrow Radius Breather Bolts. This gives you some more information on the products and lets you see them a little more thoroughly than just standard photos!

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hi. I'm Tyler with Lowbrow Customs, here to talk to you about the Gasbox air cleaner, support bracket, and Lowbrow Customs' breather bolts. The breather bolts are used when you replace your stock air cleaner as is a support bracket. This one here would be for '91 to '06 Harley-Davidson Sportsters. '07 up is EFI fuel injected, and there is a support bracket on the throttle body, so you don't need to put a separate support bracket.

If you do not have a support bracket on your earlier carburetor, you can end up having issues with the manifold loosening up and the carb sagging. The Gasbox Dog Dish Air Cleaner, shown here, is made here in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It includes the spun and polished aluminum cover, a stainless steel mesh air cleaner that is cleanable and reusable and a steel backing plate.

Also included is stainless steel hardware for mounting the air cleaner to your throttle body on the EFI bikes or your carburetor such as a CV. These air cleaners are available for the CV and EFI as well as S&S Super E and G carburetors.

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