VIDEO: Lowbrow Customs Fuel Reserve Bottle & Carrier

Lowbrow Customs has been making Fuel Reserve Bottles for many years. We also started producing different carriers for them, making it easier to strap one to your motorcycle for local riding or cross-country trips alike. This video gives a quick overview of the original Fuel Reserve Bottle as well as our first carrier, made of ballistic nylon. Enjoy!

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You can read a full transcription of this video below:

Hello, I am Tyler with Lowbrow Customs here at the Lowbrow Customs headquarters in Brunswick, Ohio. Today I'm going to show you guys our fuel reserve bottle and the fuel reserve bottle holder. First, I wanted to say if you enjoy these videos click right here and subscribe and you'll stay in the know and get the latest news on products and videos we put out weekly. The fuel reserve bottle we've been making for a number of years, it's extremely helpful, when you need it you need it, holds 30 fluid ounces of fuel. This is not a water bottle, this is not to drink out of, this is made specifically for fuel. It's got a lacquer coating for resistance against the fuel, it also has a fuel safe, o-ring seal.

The cap is very durable, you can affix this with a carabiner clip. You can put this in your saddlebag, and we also have various slings made for this size fuel bottle. The other option is the new Lowbrow fuel reserve bottle holder, here is the prototype for this, I personally used it on my motorcycle going cross-country, a 3,000-mile trip. Found several occasions to need the fuel bottle and had no issues with the fuel bottle holder. It's nylon webbing, it's very durable, weather resistant. The velcro straps are perfect for fixing this to your front fork, fork tubes, that's an ideal spot.

You can also put it under a frame rail, sissy bar, anywhere else you see fit. You can find both of these products and thousands more at Thanks for watching.

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