Weirdo Volume 7 Customer Spotlight Motorcycles

Take an in-depth look at some of the custom motorcycles built by Lowbrow Custom's customers that are featured in the latest issue of Weirdo volume 7.

Photo by: Danny Spasic @motocyclesonly

Todd Caissie - 1979 FXS Shovelhead

Motor: 79 80" FXS Shovelhead
Transmission: Ratchet top 4 speed kick only
Frame: Vintage D&D
Front end: 2" under Harley forks
Gas Tank: Modified Lowbrow Customs Narrow Sporty Frisco
Hand controls: Kustom Tech
Grips: Cole Foster
Taillight: Fab Kev
Handle bars: Zombie Performance
Pipes: Suicidal Cycles
Oil Bag: Suicidal Cycles
Fab work: Suicidal Cycles
Paint: Myk Roc
Seat: Curtis Rafino
Wheels: Evil Sprit Engineering

Shane Kelso - 1938 Knucklehead

Motor: 38 HD bored 74in .070 over
Trans: 48 HD 4 speed Andrews close ratio gears
Frame: 60 HD with hardtail by Dave Speed Metal Denver
Front end: 41mm Visionary narrow trees 4 over
Hand controls: n/a
Foot controls: Nick Labriola
Grips: Vans
Taillight: Cant remember
Handlebars: My buddy Keith in AZ
Pipes: Labriola Machine
Oil bag: Bowling ball
Fab work: Myself, Nick Labriola, Dave Barker
Paint: Craig "Biff" Weber [Denver]
Seat: Billy Murphy [Denver]
Wheels: 18 rear juice, 21 spool up front

Jim De Lauro - 1968 Bonneville T120R

"I bought this 1967 Triumph for $140. It had been sitting in a backyard since 1976 rusting away. Any original parts that could go back on, went back on. Same rims, cases, chain guard, and side covers. The oil tank was hot tanked for 3 weeks to get it back to a useable state." - Jim

Motor: 650cc rebuilt done by DNA Motor Lab in Hayward.
Transmission: stock 4 speed.
Frame: Stock powder coated by Cal Hi-Tec Finishing
Front end: 6’’ slugs removed and rebuilt back to stock.
Fender: stock s/s
Gas Tank:  original (sealed)
Hand controls: Emgo Stock Style Brake and Clutch levers
Grips: GT Grips by Lowbrow Customs
Taillight: original
Handle bars:  Emgo 7/8" Western Bend
Pipes: British Standard TT style pipes
Oil Bag:  stock…sat in a radiator shops hot tank for 5 weeks to get all the 30+ years of sludge out.
Fab work: Jim De Lauro
Paint: Matt Pitta at 510 Color Werks
Seat: Redone by RK Leighton in England
Wheels: Original, blasted all the rust and chrome, powder coated them black and laced with Buchanan s/s spokes.
Gauges: Rebuilt by Nisonger
Ignition: Pazon

Brian Petronchak - 1966 Triumph TR6

Motor: Triumph 650.
Transmission: Triumph 650 4 speed.
Frame: 1966 Triumph.
Front end: Pre-unit Triumph.
Fender: Lowbrow Customs 4 3/4" Mantray Fender
Gas Tank: Mustang
Hand controls: Emgo 
Grips: Lowbrow Customs GT Grips 7/8"
Taillight: No School Choppers
Handle bars: Biltwell Tracker Handlebars 7/8"
Pipes: British Standard
Oil Bag: Lowbrow Customs
Fab work: Revelry Custom Cycles
Paint: Flamethrower customs
Seat: Revelry Custom Cycles
Wheels:16” in rear 21” in front

Alexey Babenko - 2001 XL1200 Harley-Davidson Sportster

My name is Alexey Babenko and I'm from Moscow, Russia. I own a small shop in the center of the city thats called Iron Chain. I’m a big fan of Japanese custom scene as of late so I decided to build this 2001 HD XL1200 last winter. My goal was to  build a city bike that was easy to ride, comfortable, light and fast. I worked on the frame, shortened the swing arm that made the wheel base smaller. Overall the bike handling became a lot sharper and it is truly lighter making for a better city bike.

Anthony Valdez - 1976 Harley-Davidson XLCH Ironhead Sportster

Bike Highlights:
Motor: 1000cc
Transmission: Right side shift.
Frame: Paughco.
Front end: Paughco.
Fender: Wassel ribbed fender.
Gas Tank: Cycle Standard - Sportster stock style tank.
Hand controls: Cycle Standard Throttle assembly.
Grips:  Lowbrow Customs Classic Grips.
Taillight:  Trailer supply marker light.
Handle bars:  Custom z bars, I swap between 7” and 12” when I’m feeling frisky.
Pipes:  Custom tig welded.
Oil Bag: Cheapy from Ebay.
Fab work:  Custom exhaust, sissy bar, shortened springer.
Paint: House of kolor, tamco clear, paint huffer flake. Paint work done by Born to Run Customs, Seattle WA.
Seat:  Haifley Brothers Bates Style Tuck-n-Roll Solo Seat.
Wheels: Hallcraft Satellite 19” front, 16” rear

Photo by: Nicolas Dellow

Robbie Hardbarger - 1974 Kawasaki Z1 900

Christian Newman - 1975 Honda CB550

Built in 2011 this was Christian’s first motorcycle project.  It was obtained at a garage sale, and turned out to be one of his father’s old bikes! This was one of his earliest welding projects.  The bike is hand shift, foot clutch and has an internal throttle. The frame is largely stock save for removing the rear section and welding in an old BMX handlebar for a rear hoop and adding some higher footpeg mounts.  Also features an inverted fork and aggressive tires.

Scratch made components: Handlebars, exhaust, foot controls, brake rotor adapter, fork conversion stem, rear hoop, side closeoffs, headlight mounts, seat pan and cover, shift arm.

Note worthy components: GSXR 750 forks lowered 2”, Galaxy Grips, Vintage tractor taillight

Motor: Stock, steel dragon velocity stack
Trans: Stock
Frame: stock w/ rear hoop made from BMX handlebars
Front End: GSXR750
Fender: Stock, relocated to swingarm
Gas tank: stock. Many dents, most unintentional.
Hand controls: streamline internal throttle, foot clutch, hand shift
Grips: Oury moto grips
Taillight: taken from an old tractor in a dumpster.
Bars: Christian Newman Fab
Pipes: Christian Newman Fab
Oil tank: N/A
Fab Work: Christian Newman
Paint: n/a
Seat: fChristian Newman Fab w/ mom’s sewing machine
Wheels: stock, front adapted to GSXR disc brake



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